On Thursday (November 18th 2021), a famous Japanese actress Yua Mikami appeared on Bemil’s livestream as a special guest, attracting a lot of attention of all players in community. During the AMA, Yua Mikami shared about her daily life as well as herinterest for Bemil. Besides the presence of Yua Mikami, Bemil gamers certainly recognized Mr An Ly – Bemi’s CMO – a familiar visual throughout the weekly AMA series.

Part 1: Q&A between Host and Mr An Ly about Bemil updates:

Part 2: Q&A among Yua Mikami, Host and Mr An Ly:

Host: Let’s start with Mikami Yua. I’m curious how can you keep this amazing figure? Seems like you are getting hotter and younger every day?

Yua Mikami: Haha thank you for the compliment! Maintaining this shape is not easy at all. I have to calculate in detail what I eat, how many calories I take in, the exercises to follow. For example, today I have only 1500 calories, 45 minutes of exercise, 60 minutes of yoga and goodbye to all fast food.

Mr An Ly: I heard you’re playing BEMIL too, Yua. Can you share a bit about your experience with BEMIL ?

Yua Mikami: Yes. I downloaded it recently and spend about 45 minutes a day plowing. That game attracted me a lot, especially the minigames. I love raiding other players’ houses even though sometimes I go crazy because my island is destroyed by my friends :))). I have recommended it to my friends and they are also very interested. Really the game is very fun and addictive while playing entertainment and earning money. Thank you guys for this game! I also started getting involved and learning about cryptocurrencies recently but am just a newbie. I see this market also has good growth potential.

Mr An Ly: That’s right. Investing in cryptocurrencies is expected to yield more than you might think.

Yua Mikami: I have invested in Private round for Bemil and am still waiting for a breakthrough after BEM is launched in the market. Hopefully BEM will surprise me in particular and the community in general

Mr An Ly: Woww That’s awesome! Have you invested in Bemil? It was the right decision, Mikami. Hope you will make a profit from this investment.

Yua Mikami: So great. I’m pretty excited about this game. Up until now we are talking about making money from Bemil, can you tell us more clearly?

Mr An Ly: There are many ways to make money with BEMIL. The first way of course is to earn as many BECOINs as I mentioned above. We need to earn Becoins then you can sell these Becoins to other players in the Market. Next, you can have income with Bemil’s Referral system. Of course, long-term investment in BEM is indispensable. 

Yua Mikami: Really appreciate all your information regarding Bemil. I believe that the listing of BEM on exchanges will be a gift for the Bemil community like me. I will definitely pay more attention to Bemil in the near future, not just playing games.

Mr An Ly: You are correct Yua, now in addition to playing your account, you can invest in building more teams, invest in more BEMIL game accounts. And of course, I always welcome your interest to invest more in BEM.

Yua Mikami: Okay, I’m waiting for you to contact me, hope I can support Bemil more

Part 3: Quizz for all players joining

Bemil will hold more AMAs with other special guests in the future, hope everyone will be excited!