Coming up to Bewallet 2.0, in addition to renewal of existing user interface, there will be a very important upgrade that we want you to know to make it easier to trade:

BEM will be used as the main deposit/withdrawal method of Bewallet exchange

1️⃣ The only input of Bewallet exchange’s from now on is BEM and will be used according to the following process:

First you buy BEM and transfer it to Bewallet, then use that BEM to convert to USDT at the market rate and use this USDT to make Becoin purchases in the Game. (Becoin will be used to buy in-game items)

2️⃣ When mining Becoin, you will sell it on Bewallet and earn USDT. If you want to withdraw this revenue from Bewallet, you will need to convert the amount of USDT you have into BEM whenever you want and withdraw from the exchange.

3️⃣ BEM token will be the only input token of Bemil. And in the upcoming updates. BEM token will be used to buy/sell NFT, stake, Clan war function,…

* The biggest feature of Bemil compared to the games on the current market is that the after players will not be pressured from the previous players, that’s why we keep USDT on the exchange.

Bemil wants to have a stable price for game items and avoid the influence or fomo of the community from affecting the player’s experience and earning.

Since the early days of developing the Bemil project, we wanted Bemil to be able to reach all walks of life and help people have another source of income besides their main job. Therefore, every update that we realease are to serve the sole purpose that the mining of Bemil players will not be affected too much for any reason from the market. Our miners just need to mine Becoin -> sell USDT -> convert to BEM and sell to earn their profit.

Bemil hopes Bewallet 2.0 will satisfy you and BEM will open for all of us a new chapter in the path of everyone’s income growth.

Bemil !