Bemil is implementing AR technology application for NFT characters.

✨With this technology, your NFT will step out into the real world and accompany you wherever you are. There will be treasure chests with very attractive rewards that appear randomly around where you live, you need to hurry up and win it before other players. When you arrive, you will need time to decode and open the treasure, the time to open the treasure depends on the quality of your NFT (from 3 -10 minutes).

✨Next to that will be the appearance of your Clan’s territory. The territory will have 7 different levels (Displayed with 7 colors). Clans who want to expand their territory need to gather their team and go to a place where the arena is and challenge the Clan that is defending the territory.

✨The winning clan will capture the territory around that field. Clan’s fighting strength will be based on the number of participating members (Maximum 5 people for 1 battle round) and the quality of NFT that those members possess.

✨Clan members will have an increased treasure opening speed when opening treasures in their territory in case more than one player opens the treasure at the same time.

✨Each predefined territory will have a unique arena and will be about 1-3 square kilometers depending on the terrain of the area, choose for yourself the most suitable territory to ensure its protection and receive benefits. from opening the treasure.

✨All treasures opened in a Clan’s territory will have to share a portion of the value to the Clan that owns that territory. The gain rate will depend on the level of that territory (5 – 35%)

👉See more information in this Video: