Game Account Transfer Function Guideline


Buyer needs to create a new blank account to be able to enter the game and make offer to
buy an account from other players.
Users can view other players’ information through the Leaderboard, In-Game Chat, or
search for other players through the Add Friend feature.
This exchange is important, so the Buyer will need to chat privately with the Seller, to agree
on the price and time to conduct the transaction, if both agree, the buyer will proceed to
send the Request Transfer.
The Request Transfer button is only visible on User’s information when:

  • A game account is created before June 24, 2021
  • Accounts that have purchased the #StarterKit package
  1. Bring up the player’s information
  2. Click on Request Transfer to open the Request Transfer Panel.

When Buyer clicks Request, a panel will display a more detailed information about how the
Transfer works.
Buyer should leave this Panel open as it is to wait for Seller’s confirmation.
When the Seller accepts, this Menu panel will automatically turn off.
The Transfer of Game account will be conducted by BEMIL as a broker.


Seller will receive a Transfer Request from Buyer. After reviewing the terms and suggestions
from the request. Seller will proceed to Accept or Cancel the Buyer’s request.
After the Seller clicks Accept:
The seller will lose access to his account and will be pushed to the login screen and the PIN
will be reset.

The Seller will not be able to login to the Game & Wallet account anymore.

Terms and suggestions are displayed in the Popup:

  1. Once both parties accept the agreement, the Seller’s account will be suspended (Seller
    can no longer log into their account or until they request to cancel the transfer).
  2. After paying all transfer fees, Buyer will receive a Private Key, then they can use this key
    to login through Special Login option.

After the Buyer submits a transfer request, the Seller will receive a Request notice in the
System Log.
Seller clicks on the notification card to open a popup with details about the deal.

Transfer Panel: Details of the Transfer order, include the prices and identify of Buyer &
Seller must input the correct email address. Once click Accept, Seller will no longer have
access to Seller’s game & wallet account.
In case, for some reasons, Seller decides to cancel the Transfer, Buyer can contact BEMIL’s
broker for support. BEMIL’s broker will return the fee to the Buyer, and penalize the Seller.


After the Buyer has received the Key, use the Special Login option and use that key to log in
to the purchased account

Unlike other login options, the login with the Special Key will not automatically login again
next time, but will let the user choose the login options.
If the user is not linked to other Login option, then the user will have to use this key to login
each time

Players need to change the new PIN Code because the old Pin code has been reset.