1️⃣ When you’ve been caught for less than 1 day, whenever log in the game you will get a message “Your avatar has been captured at X o’clock, you need to free your avatar within 24 hours before coins mining productivity from AutoPilot is reduced”. After being arrested for more than 24 hours, another message appears “Your Avatar has been captured for X hours, mining productivity from AutoPilot is reduced by Y%, you need to release Avatar to recover mining productivity”

2️⃣ All 3 AutoPilot packages have prison resistance point (Toughness). Depending on each package, the number of points are different (AutoPilot 1 +10 points, AutoPilot 2 +20 points, AutoPilot 3 +30 points)

3️⃣ Add an Info button in the prison so that when you click it, there will be more detailed information. Such as how many days you are caught, how much % of your productivity is lost, how many days offline will increase the possibility of getting caught (decrease resistance rate) …

4️⃣ Reduce the rate of collecting Coin Shield and upgrade new function: When using Coin Shield, players wont not only be afraid of losing coins when attacked but only losing 1 Coin minimum and maximum 10% of mining productivity when caught. Coin Shield works effectively during 7 days. 

Ex: The users are protected from reducing more than 10% of mining productivity by Coin Shield for 7 days. However, if they cant escape after 7 days being caught and the next 8, 9, 10 days their mining productivity will be reduced by 80%, 90% and 100%. (User can use another Coin Shield for safety)

5️⃣ Users are able to increase Gems for Bounty Hunter after posting 

6️⃣ Add Recycle function and create a prison break item (Prison Break), which can only be obtained through Recycle (Exchange 5000 items for an escaped item), when using Prison Break, users are automatically released from prison, no need to hunt or attack anything.

7️⃣ Add the function to open 10 Crystals at the same time 

8️⃣ Collect 10.000 game items (Items except: Gear, Minerals, Green card, Red card, NFT Ticket, Lucky ticket, Prison Break, Food) to exchange for 1 lucky spin.

9️⃣ Upgrade the graphics system to prepare for Clan Function. 

🔟 Remove defense mini game and update B-Line Minigame


+ Users need to uninstall the old app and reinstall it to update the new graphics system (Or click update data in the setting-Refresh DLC section)

+ For users who have not purchased SK or SK Lite, they will not be able to use the feature (Recycle) to convert items into lucky spin and Prison Break.