This feature can bring you some fun along the way. When using Spin & Attack mode, you will have a chance to get the purple Bug and Anti-bug potions. 

The Bug is such a nightmare for most players, but it’s an enjoyable thing for the owner of the Bugs, have to try it out. 

When receiving bugs, you can install them to others player’s core. When active, the bug will steal 5% up to 30% of the victim’s gold every 2 hours. The longer the Bug clings, the more gold you earn.

The Bug can be more powerful and harder to be removed by Invisible potion: Make your Bug become invisible for 24h.

There are 2 types of Anti-bug potions: 

✅ [S] Anti bug: Has a chance to remove a Bug that has infected your system

✅ [L] Anti bug: Remove a significant amount of Bugs

There are many other ways to fight your gold bandits, stay tuned for the next post.


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