Prison Mode allows players to capture each other, captors exploit the labor of prisoners and passively earn Becoins and gold from prisoners. 

The more prisoners you take, the better you get. 

πŸ”‘ You can earn a huge amount of Gold from your prisoners. Prisoner had to give 𝟏𝟎% of the total GOLD from all activities to the captor. 

πŸ”‘ Besides, every time the prisoner comes back online, the captor will receive 1 Becoin, regardless of how much the decryption yield is reduced. 

πŸ”‘ You can completely expand the prison by buying more storage floors with Gold, making it larger to keep more prisoners. 

πŸ”‘The number of prisoners increases in proportion to the amount of Gold and Becoins you earn without having to work hard to earn. 

Expanding the prisoner slot will help you own a factory with your prisoners, they are an extremely abundant source of Becoin.


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