Comes from a small town in Japan, Yuki Hana is a beautiful and courageous girl. She grows up with stories of her brave father, who served as a Chief Space Commander and had fought countless fights against the Marat Pirates. Yuki loves new adventures but usually lands herself in dangerous situations. One time, she encountered a hungry wolf pack while exploring deep into the woods of Africa. With the strategic wisdom that she has learned, she escaped unharmed through her dad’s classic distraction tactic.

Yuki is friends with Johnathan. When she found out he was going to Valid, she asked him to join on the trip. She had her reasons as the Marat Pirates are her dad’s life-long enemies after all. Since Yuki did not have much experience, Johnathan hesitated at first. But her determination changed his mind. 

Don’t let her look trick you into thinking she’s just as good as moral support. Her dad taught her well. Though she had to learn how to use her first gun, it didn’t take.


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